The treasures of Rhetoric

Duration : 2 days

Persuasion is an art. You will discover the secrets following in the footsteps of the grand
masters of ancient Greece and Rome. You will leave this course fully equipped for each
stage in the production of a persuasive speech.

I organise my thoughts

The first requirement of a persuasive speech is to know your subject. You will practice
choosing the contents that are appropriate to the constraints of the situation, the time
available and the type of auditorium.

I organise my speech

You will then need to learn how to include a strategy into the delivery of your presentation.
To achieve this, you will familiarise yourself with the meaning of each part of your speech.
You will also learn how to guide your audience by manipulating rhythm and tone.

I work on my style

Style is the foundation stone of public speaking. It is style that can truly create an event and
surpass a merely informative rendition to unite, enthuse or galvanise your audience into
action. You will become accustomed to using figures of speech that have been tried and

I exercise my memory

Above all, efficient communication requires a detachment from the text in order to dedicate
oneself to the auditorium. You will practice delivering longer and longer speeches with less
and notes.

(in french)
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Victor Ferry

Je suis ravi de partager avec vous les trésors de l'art rhétorique.

Je vous aide à magnifier votre style, à traduire votre pensée dans les mots les plus juste et dans les formules les plus marquantes. Je vous exercice à penser stratégiquement chaque partie de votre présentation afin d'en maximiser l'impact.

J'ai hâte de vous voir à l’œuvre. Les outils et les exercices que je vous propose sont le fruit de travaux de recherche que je mène depuis 10 ans à l'université libre de Bruxelles, à l'université d'Oxford et au Fonds national de la recherche scientifique.'

Victor Ferry, Professor for the school of speech

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