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 Who are we ? 

The School Of Speechis the School specializing in the Art of Public Speaking. You will find atThe SOS the answers to all your questions, your fears, your doubts about Public Speaking,in French and in English.

You will find simple and deep tools given by great experts in all the fields offered. You will discover the extraordinary tools of the scene transposed to your reality to impact, convince, persuade, take your audience with you and create much more results.

15 years of professional experience

more than 12,000 people supported

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  Who is The SOS for ? 

  • You are a manager but still find public speaking a nightmare?

  • You are a speaker but find your voice is lacking in impact ?

  • You are just setting up your company and need to make a pitch to potential investors ?

  • You are a regular public speaker or conference attendee but you find yourself often locked into repetitive forms and would like to progress ?

  • Your head knows what you want to say but neither your mouth nor voice follow suit and your body language gives you away ?

  • You are a boss or manager and you are required to present an important speech ?

  • You would like to create a  video presentation to post on your website or blog?

  • You are a scientist and need to speak and convince a non-scientist audience ?

  • You are preparing a TED Talk ?

Perfect !

We have exactly what you need!

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So that speaking is never again a source of misery

but rather it becomes an immense source of joy and fulfilment

The School of Speech



  Who is at the head of the company? 

Gilles Wiernik
Founder of The School of speech, coach, trainer, speaker.

For more than 15 years, Gilles has provided support to the directors of multi-national corporations and international organizations, lawyers, scientists, financiers, NGOs, etc ... in the fascinating but hazardous realm of public speaking.


Today he's creating The School Of Speech , so that you too can benefit from these important tools for Communication and Freedom of the Speech.


Gilles is also both a classical and jazz singer, he is an actor, he draws upon these exceptional skills developed during his stage and artistic career, and transposes them for your personal and professional reality. 


Naturally, he is supported by specialists in each domain : Public Speaking, Rhetoric, Story Telling, the Voice, Body Language, Video, Journalism, Virtual Reality, Coaching, Mind-body and Energising techniques such as EFT, Deep Peat, MDT and brief therapies ...

A question ? Need more information ?

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  Thank you for your trust  


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