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Dear Gilles,

Thanks to you, it was righta real miracle. It's not a joke... I didn't believe it until the last second before speaking and in the second that followed,everything changed.I have never received so many compliments in my life.

We should make your course mandatoryin all legal bins!

Everything worked: breathing, moving around, downtime, eye contact, talking to someone, and above all reducing the flow! I was also helped by thevocal technique: no microphone to hold in hand.What happiness!  Thank you very much and above all keep up the good work! 

/ Pierre de Bruxelles 

" Gilles, it has beenMagnificent ! Thank you"

/ Adamantia A.

Amazing! I had no expectation but this has beenthe best training I've hadin my career!

/ Marguerite R

Hugues Ostoja-Kuczynski

Engineer, Expert Geo-biologist

“Since Tactus I've been able to bounce back in any situation… it's just extraordinary! »

Emilie Lessire

CEO @ Elyxire

“You have to follow this training”

vanessa demol

Clinical research project manager.
“I am no longer the same person. »

Marc Jelensperger
Director Property Partners
“I don't regret a second… the program is worth more than what I paid for…”


This training allowed meto go much furtherin an exercise in which I was already very comfortable. Through trainingI come out enriched,impressed andtransformed. Impressed by thetrainer qualityby Gilles Wiernik, therelevance of toolsdata and the effectiveness andkindnesspedagogy. 

Enriched on a personal levelwith the confidence that I can dare a pleading or a presentation that resembles me, without being locked into the codes of my profession. Here is a training that will surprise you.

Gilles Wiernik is THE person who allows you togo from fear to pleasure, from constraint to freedom and which, whatever stage you are at, allows you to go further.OUTSTANDING !

/ Séverine Evrard, lawyer at the Brussels Bar

I followed this Public Speaking course last year, which was one ofmy best experienced in 8 yearstrainings at the European Commission.

/ Anna-Lena Z 

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Laurence Noiret

Coach, founder The awakening of interiors 
“Today, I am calm, composed and serene in my speaking! TACTUS, it gave me wings » 

Michael Mlakar
General Manager at Shur-Lok
“It's like a new birth!  »

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So that speaking is never again a source of misery

but rather it becomes an immense source of joy and fulfilment

The School of Speech



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