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" I Story

Duration: 2 days

It is through the use of stories that mankind creates social links and gives a sense

to the world we live in. Storytelling may come naturally to us but the very best stories

are meticulously crafted by wordsmiths.

I include the elements of a good story

You will become familiar with the theory and use of elements that make up an effective story ( dramatic tension, range of emotions, ABT structure ….). You will discover the secrets of stories which captivate and inspire.

I capture the attention

Attention has a limited time span. Because our brain is keen to save energy, there is a tendency for it to quickly engage “zombie mode” when other people are speaking to us. You will practice maintaining your audience’s attention thanks traditional techniques used by storytellers.

I write down and share ma story

Whatever your sphere of activity, it is possible to tell a story that will help you gain in coherence and impact. You will practice applying storytelling techniques to your current projects.

I envision the multiple possibilities of using stories

Using stories opens up perspectives : whether it is to grab attention, create an atmosphere conducive to developing the curiosity of your audience, create new states of mind, illustrate a statement by using metaphor, clarify your speech, reinforce the impact of communication… These multiple possibilities, you discover them, you experience them.

You become relevant and arouse the desire to be heard!

When? To be determined
Or ?   Brussels


"The world of storytelling is not limited to the" wonderful stories "that rocked the childhood of most people, it is not only a universe intended for children! Stories are beautiful sources of thoughts and wisdom.


I have experienced it, since I have been traveling the world, for twenty years already, to present shows of contemporary tales and stories to the four corners of the planet. I told in international festivals, in cultural places (theaters, theaters, media libraries, institutions ...) in France, Switzerland, Quebec, Brazil, Poland, Romania ... and even in Japan).


Trained in the arts of speech, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and in the theater, at the Institute of Diffusion Arts, in Louvain-la-Neuve, and in storytelling, with renowned storytellers, I draw, in my training and my experience, tools to bring out the storyteller who is in you, and give him the opportunities to flourish. And I like to share all the richness of this universe which has fascinated me for years ".

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