Level 1 • Duration: 2 days

You have your presentation on your fingertips. You have drawn together a solid set of arguments.

You have identified your defense to counter arguments. It is now time to press on to the most vital part of your pleading : the preparation of your vocal rendition.

This course will enable you to lay down the foundations of a truly effective closing argument.

I make the best of my relationship with the audience

To be convincing you will first of all need to create a warm atmosphere and build a climate of confidence with your audience. This is achieved by close attention to the dialogue created between your body language and that of the audience. This course will assist you in turning this dialogue to your advantage.

I learn to put my voice to good use

Whereas we all possess a vocal instrument, there are but a few who have learned how best to play it. Nevertheless, a lawyer, just as an actor or singer, must become a virtuoso in the use of the voice. The exercises proposed on this course will teach you to pitch, improve, amplify and repair your voice.

I take control of my performance

Stage presence is an essential component of a successful career as a lawyer. An impactful stage presence requires a well-managed stage fright and aligned mental, physical and emotional intelligence. Our live examples, followed by video feedback, allow you to control our image.

When? dates to be confirmed
Where ? Brussels place to be defined
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This training allowed me to go much further in an exercise in which I was already very comfortable. Thanks to the training I come out enriched, impressed and transformed.

Impressed by the quality of Gilles Wiernik's trainer, the relevance of the tools given and the efficiency and benevolence of the pedagogy

Enriched on a personal level with the confidence that I can dare a (pleading or a) presentation that resembles me, without being locked into the codes of my profession.

Here is a course that will surprise you.

Gilles Wiernik is THE person who allows you to go from fear to pleasure, from constraint to freedom and who, whatever stage you are in, allows you to go further. OUTSTANDING!

Séverine Evrard, lawyer at the Brussels Bar


This training, which I followed - at the Legal Service of the European Commission - was extremely useful. It is a training course which makes it possible to approach the hearings in an even more professional way than does a very good preparation on the case proper, the elements of the file, the jurisprudence, etc…

I prepared my argument with the 4 types of arguments in mind ... which really allows us to keep in the argument only the 3 to 5 ideas max that we want to leave in the minds of the judges after 15 minutes of pleading.

I also used abdominal breathing to control my stress, especially just before pleading.

I paid attention to my posture… and it gave me confidence, it anchored me in my act of pleading.

I applied the rule of "first 20 gestures / first 20 seconds / 20 first words": I started my argument by constantly looking at the 3 judges, without looking at my paper (I had reviewed precisely what I meant) and I realized that I really created contact with the judges, who then listened to me very carefully.

I combined this with a catchphrase that spoke for everyone, especially since the subject was very technical. The fact remains that the judgment of the Court in this case (C-151/13) fell today, and that it takes up our reasoning point by point, to reach the same conclusion as we do.

Carine S. 


Dear Gilles,

Thanks to you, it was just a real miracle. It's not a joke ... I didn't believe it until the last second before I spoke and in the second that followed, everything changed. I have never received so many compliments in my life.

We should make your course mandatory in all the baccalaureate!

Everything worked : breathing, movement, downtime, eye contact, talking to someone, and above all reducing the flow! I was also helped by the vocal technique: no microphone to hold in my hand. What happiness !

Thank you very much and above all good luck!

Pierre de Bruxelles