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Filmer une vidéo

"Enchant your audience

Level 1 • Duration : 2 days

Public speaking can always be an extraordinary event, if we use the right tools.

After attending this two days course, you will be able to give a structured, professional, effective and personal presentation.


You discover that public speaking can be a source of tremendous pleasure and fun, and you are left with a feeling of self accomplishment and having taken that one extra step.

Public speaking is a conversation

Public speaking is above all an exchange with the audience : the speaker transmits a
verbal and non-verbal message and the listener sends back non-verbal information.

Our exercises allow you to master this playful and intriguing game.

I discover myself as a speaker

We only have a very slight idea of the image that we project while speaking in public.

Our filmed sequences, followed up with feedback from the coach and peers, will enable you to take back control of your image and to give coherence to forme and content (voice, posture, gestures, energy, presence).

When ?    Next dates communicated on request
Or ?  online (Zoom) with also a face-to-face session
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