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" Journey to the heartof your Voice

Duration: 2 days

The voice is our most precious instrument and speakers usually do not spend

enough time tuning it. This training course will prepare your voice to take on the

most famous auditoria and the biggest events.

I pitch my voice

A voice that trembles or tends to be shrill or breathing that is uncontrolled, all may easily come to discredit you. The risk of encountering such a situation is eliminated thanks to our techniques that master the rhythm, tune, volume of the voice.

I tune my voice

Our ears are our voice’s best friend. Unfortunately, and for various reasons (too noisy town,headphones, tiredness or emotional fatigue…), our ears switched to the “vigilance and protection” mode. You learn how to recreate an efficient partnership between your ears and voice.

I amplify my voice

Our body has natural resonant cavities that can help to project our voice. Due to the lack of maintenance or practice, we too often leave it in ruins. If the vocal muscles are trained, those cavities will open and finally you will discover the full power of your voice.

I take care of my voice

We regularly put our voice to the test and, sometimes, to the breaking point. To be able to face this, we reveal a magical tool to recover your voice.

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